System Requirements

Ready to install IBM Financial Services Workbench? Before you get started, use the information in this document to determine whether you have sufficient resources to install the service and the required software dependencies for the service.

Hardware resources

Hardware Number of servers Available VPC Memory
x86-64 3+ worker nodes. The nodes must be able to schedule pods. 16 virtual processor cores (VPCs) 64 GB
  • Use a storage provider with 500 GB or more of available space for your cluster. Tested providers include AWS EBS volumes, NFS, Portworx and Openshift Container Storage.
  • Squash must not be enabled on the NFS server, and all nodes in the cluster must have access to mount the NFS server and read/write access.

OpenShift setup

To setup OpenShift please follow the instructions in the OpenShift documentation .

Attention: For some preparatory steps a user with the cluster admin role is required. These steps are clearly marked. Once the product is installed this role is no longer required for the users working with IBM Financial Services Workbench.

Cloud Pak for Data

IBM Financial Services Workbench 2.8 runs as a service with IBM Cloud Pak for Data 3.5. Please make sure that the Cloud Pak for Data control plane is installed in the OpenShift cluster.

Detailed information on how to install IBM Cloud Pak for Data control plane you can find here .

Required third-party components

The IBM Financial Services Workbench requires the following third-party components with the specified versions. These can be either deployed into the cluster or be deployed separately.

Component Required version Minimum specifications for worker nodes Minimum storage requirements
MongoDB Version 3.6

Cores: 2

Memory: 4 GB

20 GB
Apache Kafka* Version 1.0.2 or higher

Cores: 12

Memory 16 GB

20 GB
Keycloak Version 5.0 or higher

Cores 1

Memory 2 GB

Git provider See below -- --

* Besides the Open-Source version of Apache Kafka, commercial distributions such as RedHat AMQ Streams 1.5 or Cloud Offerings such as Confluent Cloud or IBM Event Streams are supported as well.

Attention: Keycloak is only supported with HTTPS mode enabled. It needs proper certificate and hostname setup.

Supported Git providers

Currently the following Git providers are supported:

  • GitLab self managed

  • Bitbucket Server

  • GitHub Enterprise

Supported web browsers

  • Mozilla Firefox (recommended) - Version 54 and higher

  • Google Chrome - Version 60 and higher